About us

Flow Control Engineers is a company that has been manufacturing Industrial valves since 1988. We have extensive line of Industrial valve products to offer to our customer. We are in the field for the last 18 years with great experience in developing, manufacturing reliable and high quality valves. We have earned good name with performance of quality and service. This is evident with our customers repeat orders.

Ours is  ISO 9001-2000 qualified company since 2000. Our Quality Management System for Design, Develop and Manufacture Industrial valves enables us to meet esteemed customers specific applications. This contributes to our being a major reference in the field of Industrial Valve market. With vast experience in the field prompts us to under take new developments in the valve field with short notice.

“inflow” valves are designed for better service and are manufactured under the supervision of a Team committed itself for Quality and Service. 

  • “inflow” valves are designed for pressure or vacuum applications handling Liquids, Gases, Slurries and Semi Solids.

  • “inflow” valves Manufactured in variety of material to provide an exceptional range for Corrosive applications.

  • “inflow” valves give bubble type shut off with seals of relatively non-resilient material such as Teflon or Filled Teflon.

  • The unique “inflow” sealing are designed for less seat wear and longer life.

  • Another “inflow” feature is Bottom entry stem design with flexible Belleville Washers to compensate for normal wear and expansion and contraction from temperature fluctuations.

  • “inflow” valves are available in various series and port to meet all your requirements.

 We have specially designed Multi port valves for Duplex System Heat exchangers, Coolers and Filters.